Annual Membership

We offer a straightforward, hassle-free annual membership designed to enhance your golfing experience. What sets us apart is the flexibility we offer when it comes to membership – it’s entirely optional.

This unique approach allows homeowners within our community to tailor their experience precisely to their preferences and lifestyle; A substantial portion of our community residents actively choose to become club members. It’s a testament to the allure of our exceptional golf course and the camaraderie within our golfing community.

Membership Options

⛳ 12 Month Membership - $2500.00
⛳ 6 Month Membership - $2000.00
⛳ 5 Month Membership - $1800.00
⛳ 5 Pinebrook Players Club - $175.00


The standout feature of the Pinebrook Ironwood Club community is its array of shared facilities!

Membership Inquiry